The Syrian Democratic Council

The representatives of SDC hold a seminar in Washington on the Syrian crisis after ten years.


 The representatives of the Syrian Democratic Council in the United States of America held a virtual, online, dialogue seminar that brought together a group of researchers and those interested in Middle East and Syria affairs from America, Europe and other countries to discuss the Syrian crisis file and its repercussions after ten years in which its beginning was in the spring of 2011.

The head of the Peacebuilding and Human Rights Program at Columbia University, David Phillips, was one of the prominent participants in the symposium and has held several positions in the US State Department and the United Nations, as well as the women’s affairs researcher and founder of the “Missing Afrin Women” group, Megan Bodet, and others who were interested in these affairs participated in the symposium.

The seminar was conducted by Alan Makovsky, a researcher at the center , Advancement of America, as well as many of the media organizations and journalists attended the symposium.

 The representative of the Syrian Democratic Council in Washington, Sinam Muhammad, spoke about the Syrian crisis and discussed the reasons for the spread and stalemate of the crisis, in addition to the state of polarization and rivalry among the Syrian factions.

  Mrs. Muhammad also shed light on many aspects that hindered the settlement efforts in the country, including the Turkish occupation of the north of the country, specifically in Afrin, in which Ankara’s aggressive tendency was evident towards the Syrian people in general and the Kurdish people in particular.

 A representative of the SDF in Washington demanded the necessity of involving the Syrian Democratic Council and the Autonomous Administration in the political process and achieving a balance of the negotiation structure in order to make a real breakthrough for the static situation of the Syrian file.

  Mrs. Muhammad noted that all efforts will not be successful as long as there are occupied Syrian lands, demanding the removal of all occupiers of Syrian lands, headed by Turkey.

 On Turkish violations, ethnic cleansing, demographic change and abuses committed by Turkey and its mercenaries in Afrin, specifically against women, Zainab Ahmed was hosted in which she was one of the survivors of the prisons and detention centers of Turkey and its mercenaries, who reviewed the reality of Afrin residents under the Turkish occupation and the systematic torture practiced by Ankara and its mercenaries in prisons far from monitoring and documentation.

 The symposium included several interventions, which discussed the reasons for prolonging the Syrian crisis and the role of international actors, negatively and positively, in addition to an assessment of the political solution path and the implementation of international decisions in accordance with what is stipulated and agreed upon by the UN Security Council.