The Syrian Democratic Council

The emerged committee from the conference of “people of Al-Jazeera and Euphrates” follows up the implementation of its outcomes.

On Saturday, in Al- Hasakah city, the periodic meeting of the “Follow-up Committee” that emerged from the National Conference of the people of Al-Jazeera and Euphrates was held to research and evaluate the outcomes of the conference and their application practically.
Along with the committee members, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, attended the meeting with the co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration, Abd Hamid Al-Mehbash.
They discussed the reports submitted by the specialized committees which are: administrative, economic and security committees. They also discussed the challenges they face and the obstacles that hinder the progress of their work, in addition to proposing appropriate solutions for their approval.
In the last meeting, it was decided to create a “Detainee Affairs Office” within the structure of the Internal Security Forces and the Justice Council, whose mission is to follow up the detainees’ file, starting from an arrest until the compliance before the courts.
The security committee reviewed the challenges facing the Autonomous Administration regions, and the attempts to make a discord among the components of the region and destabilize the region.
As for the economic committee, it explained the reasons for the decline of the reality of the services provided by the Autonomous Administration, and attributed that to a number of challenges facing the region and Syria in general. The committee presented proposals to pass that decline and improve services according to the available capabilities.
The committee members also discussed the damage to the agricultural sector and livestock as a result of drought and lack of rain, as they reiterated their emphasis on supporting and encouraging farmers and the livestock sector, as well as submitting proposals related to finding solutions to the fuel and flour crisis.
Regarding the damage caused by the receding of the waters of the Euphrates River and the decline of the energy sector, as a result of the inhumane practices of the Turkish state, the meeting members demanded work at all levels to deter Turkey from using water as a weapon of war against the Autonomous Administration areas that include more than 5 million people to hundreds of thousands of the Syrian displaced.
In turn, the administrative committee presented within its report the path of combating a corruption and proceeding with this file, as well as the development of the administration, and working to correct the administrative errors.

The co-chair of the Executive Council, Abd Al-Mehbash, said about the observations and proposals presented by the three specialized committees, and the criticisms presented by the committee are like a compass that corrects the course of the Autonomous Administration and straightens its work.
Mr. Al-Mehbash talked about the budget of the Autonomous Administration and its fair distribution in a way that serves the region and achieves a development for the region and its residents.
The meeting also dealt with many files related to the development of the Autonomous Administration and the implementation of the outcomes of the National Conference of the people of Al-Jazeera and Euphrates, which was held at the end of 2020.