The Syrian Democratic Council

A press release about the meeting of the SDC and People’s Will Party

In continuation of the joint work between the Syrian Democratic Council and the People’s Will Party, which was an important stage on August 31 of the last year with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two parties, in which on Tuesday evening, May 11, two leading delegations from both sides met under the chairmanship of each of the head of the executive body of the Syrian Democratic Council Mrs. Ilham Ahmed and the secretary of the People’s Will Party, Mr. Qadri Jamil.

The meeting members discussed the developments of the political situation at the international and regional levels, especially the domestic one whose main title during the last period was the continued marginalization of some national opponent forces from the political process during the persistence of the hardliners of Al-Assad regime and the opposition to obstruct the political solution and divide the status quo through a group of actions and propositions which are narrow-minded and improvident.

The meeting members also discussed the situation of the Syrian opposition, and explained that the overall situation in the country requires a strenuous work to bring together the real opponent, national and democratic forces towards a general national conference to be held on the basis of implementing the Resolution 2254.

The two parties agreed to continue and enhance a communication to achieve the goals of the memorandum of understanding signed between them, and to expand the scope of their joint work.