The Syrian Democratic Council

The “Presidential Council” discusses political and field developments in Syria.

The “Presidential Council” of the Syrian Democratic Council discussed in its regular meeting yesterday, on Saturday the Political and field developments in the Syrian arena throughout the country.
The meeting began by recalling the heinous and condemning massacre that the people of the Shaitat clan were subjected at the hands of the “Islamic State” organization, ISIS, in which this massacre claimed the lives of tens of people of this clan as a result of their rejection of the control of the terrorist organization ISIS. The attendees recalled and condemned recalled the massacre which called the battle of “Aisha, mother of believers” which was committed by the armed jihadi factions with sectarian motives against civilians in the countryside of Lattakia on August 4, 2013, killing tens of civilians.
The “Presidential Council” in its meeting held in northern Al-Hasakah, discussed the different approaches of the active and influential countries in the Syrian file, and that the consensus of these countries contributes to set a conducive atmosphere for resolving the Syrian crisis and ending the tragedy of millions of Syrians inside and outside the country.
The meeting members discussed the negative role of some regional countries in deepening the Syrian crisis and creating a new reality that contradicts the unity of the Syrian territory, especially the Turkish state that occupies a large part of the Syrian lands in north and its relentless efforts to change the demographics of the regions according to systematic plans that align with Turkey’s expansionist ambitions in the region in general.
The Presidential Council condemned the regime’s practices in Daraa and southern Syria, rejecting the principle of the population’s choice between “war or surrender” and denounced the Syrian authority’s continued use of the military option in dealing with the Syrians, which exacerbated the crisis and prolonged it.
The members of the Presidential Council stressed that the recent events in Daraa and the overall developments taking place in the Syrian arena confirm that the option of SDC and its path to resolve the Syrian crisis through a Syrian-Syrian dialogue is the best and safest way to bring the country to safety.
The attendees also stressed the seriousness of the information received about the ongoing conspiracies against Afrin and the other occupied areas. Despite the ongoing violations and crimes in the areas of the Turkish occupation, the return of the displaced people to their villages in Afrin is recently being promoted, while the missing people and those who are forcibly disappeared and kidnapped are ignored, and despite the conviction of the right of the indigenous people to return to their cities and villages which they were displaced from, but this right must be protected and fulfilled with international guarantees and UN supervision, and to guarantee for the residents the full restoration of their property, which was confiscated by the armed factions within efforts and policies of the demographic change led by Turkey against the Kurdish people.
It was also pointed out and warned against the behavior of some parties linked to international intelligence and who are waging a special war against the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, by spreading strife among the people of the region, and targeting the morale of the peoples of the region, with the aim of making it empty of people and to strike the cohesive popular base and encourage immigration, so the meeting members called on the residents of northern and eastern Syria to beware of these plans and confront them with more awareness and adherence to the gains of the people in north and east Syria.
Likewise, the Syrian government in areas of its control lead arbitrary security campaigns and exert pressures and restrictions on the population in areas that suffer mainly from enormous economic pressures and various social problems. The participants believe that this behavior is the result of the absence of a change about the mentality of the tyrannical ruling authority.
On the other hand, the Presidential Council welcomed the international openness towards the Autonomous Administration project and the recent diplomatic developments, especially the reception that was done by French President Emmanuel Macron of the delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council and the Autonomous Administration in the capital, Paris, as well as the opening of the Autonomous Administration representation in Geneva, Switzerland.
About the course of developing of the Autonomous Administration project, the members of the Presidential Council valued the Autonomous Administration’s progress in implementing the outcomes of the “National Conference of the People of Al-Jazeera and Euphrates,” and blessed the step of formulation a new “social contract” for the Autonomous Administration with the participation of all the region’s political, social and cultural components and formations.
The members of the Presidential Council including Syrian parties, forces and personalities explained that the current phase requires the formulation of appropriate policies and strategies in order to overcome all challenges and risks by developing the project of the Autonomous Administration for north and east Syria through governance, transparency, writing the social contract, elections and expanding the participatory.
The meeting members also discussed the organizational situation of the council, by studying its structure and its suitability to the nature of the work of the council, stressing the need to develop and modernize it in accordance with the necessities of the work and the goal.