The Syrian Democratic Council

A statement for the public opinion

Recently, the Turkish occupation state escalated its hostile attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria by targeting the headquarters of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the cars of the Autonomous Administration, in which it resulted in the martyrdom of many martyrs in the cities of Qamishli and Tal Tamr.
The Syrian Democratic Council condemns and denounces in the strongest terms the attacks of the terrorist Turkish occupation state, it holds the government of the Russian Federation the responsible for the Turkish attacks, and calls on the Russian government and its forces which are working in Syria to condemn these attacks and end the Turkish violations of the ceasefire agreement, as the Russian party is the guarantor of this agreement in these areas.
These Turkish hostilities and crimes against humanity in which they are committed against the indigenous people in the occupied Syrian areas without an international deterrent and a serious indication to hold them accountable. In fact, it is an encouragement for them to commit more attacks and war crimes, and a guarantee for them to continue for destabilizing the security and stability as well as support the spreading of terrorism in the world.
The Syrian Democratic Council sees these attacks as a dangerous indication that reveals Turkey’s intention to spread a great chaos in the region, and accordingly, the council calls on the international coalition forces to fight ISIS, in which at the forefront of these forces are the United States of America, to clarify its position towards the Turkish hostilities, and also it calls on the international community to condemn the Turkish attacks, and work to hold them accountable, as they constitute a flagrant violation of the laws of international legitimacy and the sovereignty of states, and constitute a threat for international peace and security.

Glory and eternity for martyrs
Speedy recovery for injured
Victory for the democratic Syria

August 22, 2021
Syrian Democratic Council