The Syrian Democratic Council

A statement for the public opinion.

The Syrian Democratic Council is following with great concern the serious turmoil in southern Syria, the center of the revolutionary movement, and the attempts that the city of Daraa is witnessing to impose a power after an agreement was reached with representatives of the city’s residents to remove the siege imposed on them in which that siege is more than a month. This escalation has done after three years of settlement agreements and “reconciliations” that took place in the governorates of Daraa and Quneitra under the auspices and guarantees by the state of the Russian Federation. We see that the regime’s insistence on following the military option has proven its failure over the past years, and it has become clear that what is known as settlements and reconciliations will not be an appropriate option for settling the crisis, and we think that it is not the correct alternative to political dialogue that is the only method for a solution and the real stability in the country.
We are as members of the Syrian Democratic Council; we warn against this dangerous escalation through the fragile situations in southern Syria and stress the need to preserve the security and safety of the Syrians in the city of Daraa. We call on the state of the Russian Federation to play its role as a guarantor of the fate of those civilians who preferred to stay in their neighborhoods and villages instead of leaving towards northern Syria after the armed factions abandoned them and left them to face their fate, guaranteed by Russia.
We condemn in the strongest terms the Syrian authority’s use of excessive force against defenseless civilians in Daraa, and we affirm that a large part of Syria has been subjected to processes of demographic change through the deportations of the indigenous population and the eviction of opponents with the complicity of various regional powers affecting the Syrian issue. We call our people in Deraa to stay in their city and do not respond to calls for forced deportation, and the need to be aware of the machinations that are being done around them targeting their presence through plans for demographic change, which represent a war crime against the population. SDC also stresses that international conditions have changed and it will not be easy to repeat what happened in Daraa during the starting of the revolutionary movement in March, 2011. SDC calls the international community and the United Nations to exert a pressure and the urgent intervention to stop the Syrian civil war, support a balanced negotiation process and create good conditions for performing the final Syrian solution and achieving a stability.

July 30, 2021
Syrian Democratic Council