The Syrian Democratic Council

At an official invitation, the Relations Office participates in the annual conference of the British Labor Party.

Representatives of the Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council participated in the annual general conference of the British Labor Party, after the latter issued an official invitation to the SDC to attend the conference in the capital, London.
The conference was attended by representatives of the Relations Office in London, as well as Ms. Rokhsh Shekho representing women and the Star Conference in the United Kingdom.
During the conference, which lasted from 25 to 29 September, representatives of the Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council invited members of the British Labor Party and parliamentarians to attend a dialogue seminar, which was attended by the parliamentarians, Navendu Mishra, Lloyd Russell-Moyle and Simon Dobbins, in addition to public figures and those interested in the Syrian issue.
During the symposium, Mr. Masoud Kasu, representative of the Public Relations Office, spoke about the vision of the Syrian Democratic Council to resolve the crisis in his country, Syria, and the council’s efforts to unify the will of all Syrians and reach a final and comprehensive solution that satisfies all Syrian parties.
A representative of SDC talked about the tragic conditions that the Syrian people are experiencing after more than a decade since the start of the crisis, amid the absence of real initiatives for a solution in the near future.
Kasu also talked about the sacrifices made by the Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF, to defeat the terrorist organization ISIS on the ground after the “Battle of Al-Baghouz” in the countryside of Deir Ezzor in March 2019, with the help of the International Coalition.
The representative of the SDC office in London touched on Turkey’s negative role in their war against terrorism, as it facilitated the passage of jihadists across its borders to Syria on the one hand, and occupied the areas of Afrin (Serêkaniyê), Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad on the other.
He continued, “Turkey carried out ethnic cleansing operations in the areas it occupied and deliberately violated the human rights and the international laws.”
Kasu appealed to the United Kingdom to help the region, save the millions who are suffering as a result of the blockade and the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, work to deliver relief and health aid, reconstruct the region that its infrastructure has been damaged as a result of the fight against terrorism, and work to rehabilitate schools and educational buildings.
In the conclusion of his speech, the representative of the SDC in the conference thanked the members and leadership of the British Labor Party for inviting the Syrian Democratic Council and congratulated them on the success of their annual general conference.
The British Labor Party is considered as one of the largest political parties in the United Kingdom, competing with the Conservative Party, which currently leads the government.