The Syrian Democratic Council

The Swedish Foreign Ministry meets the preparatory committee of “The Conference of Democratic Forces and Figures”.

The official in charge of the Syrian file in the Swedish Foreign Ministry, Mr. Pierre Uranus, met with a delegation from the Preparatory Committee of “The Conference of Democratic Forces and Figures”, in the capital, Stockholm, to discuss the Syrian file and the committee’s efforts to hold an expanded conference of Syrian democratic forces, formations and figures.

The delegation of the Preparatory Committee included the Coordinator of the Committee, Mr. Hussam Miro, and the Secretary of the Committee, Mrs. Majdoleen Hasan, in addition to a member of the Preparatory Committee, Mr. Ali Rahmoun, and a member of the expanded body of the Committee, Mr. Jad Al-Kareem Jabai.

The delegation of the Preparatory Committee of the Swedish Foreign Ministry reviewed the vision of the organizers of this conference and the importance of moving forward in this path, as it is a result of Syrian pure dialogues.
At the time, the committee stressed the importance of the role of the Kingdom of Sweden in supporting and sponsoring this conference and its success.
The meeting which took place at the headquarters of the Swedish Foreign Ministry, was positive and constructive, and it was expressed by the Swedish government’s support for this path.


The Preparatory Committee of “The Conference of Democratic Forces and Figures” was formed in Brussels after holding six dialogue workshops in which the Syrian Democratic Council called for them in European capitals and cities with Syrian forces, formations and figures. The committee has so far completed the draft documents for the conference and contacted many forces and figures to attend the conference.

The Syrian Democratic Council “SDC” had completed three dialogue forums in the regions of North and East Syria, in which a large spectrum of national democratic forces from various Syrian regions participated during the years 2018,2019 and 2020, as well as six dialogue workshops in Europe within the path of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue presented by the “SDC” to establish a comprehensive national consensus that ends the state of fragmentation and prepares a solution for the Syrian crisis.