The Syrian Democratic Council

The British Special Envoy for Syria meets Autonomous Administration officials in Al-Qamishli.

On Monday, the Department of Foreign Relations of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria received the British Special Envoy for Syria, Mr. Jonathan Hargreaves, where they discussed the latest developments of the Syrian crisis and issues of combating the terrorism and addressing its effects.

The co-chair of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Autonomous Administration, Dr. Abdul Kareem Omar, had received Mr. Hargreaves and his accompanying delegation at the department’s headquarters in the city of Al-Qamishli, northeastern Syria.

The two sides discussed the file of the Syrian crisis and the humanitarian repercussions that resulted from the Syrian killing, issues of combating the terrorism and the role of the United Kingdom.
The British official said that “the war in Syria is one of the most violent and destructive wars in modern human history” and he added that “the UK is committed to holding all those who committed crimes accountable, continuing to fight ISIS and providing assistance for the vulnerable people.”
He also praised the role of the Syrian Democratic Forces in defeating terrorism, warning at the same time of the serious threat that ISIS cells continue to pose in the region they lost in north and east Syria.
He continued, “The military, financial and practical capabilities of ISIS have decreased by means of the efforts made, but it still poses a real danger in Syria, Iraq and everywhere, so the international coalition is committed to eliminating ISIS permanently.”
Hargreaves expressed the UK’s support for areas liberated from the terrorist organization ISIS and providing help for communities affected by terrorism until the full recover from the repercussions of war and terrorism.
In the same context, the British envoy expressed his country’s commitment to bringing the perpetrators of crimes to justice, in parallel with working to find a political solution for the crisis throughout Syria in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2254, to achieve lasting peace and stability in Syria.

For his part, the co-chair of the Department of Foreign Relations, Dr. Abdul Kareem Omar, spoke about the importance of involving the representatives of the Autonomous Administration and the region in the political process.

Regarding the camps of ISIS families, Omar said, “We have hundreds of children in camps and prisons, who need rehabilitation” He added, “Al-Huri Center was a successful experiment. Therefore, we prepare to build 15 other centers, such as Al-Houri Center, to avoid the emergence of a new terrorist generation with a radical mentality.”

The British delegation received three British children who were from families of the terrorist organization ISIS, according to an official handover document between the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and the United Kingdom.