The Syrian Democratic Council

Raqqa celebrates the fourth anniversary of its liberation.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the city of Raqqa celebrated the fourth anniversary of its liberation from ISIS terrorism in the Square of the Black Stadium inside the city. The ceremony was organized by the Democratic Civil Administration, in which the ceremony was attended by a number of leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Women’s Protection Units and representatives of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, the Syrian Democratic Council, the Manbij Military Council, the internal security forces, dignitaries, tribal sheikhs, families of the martyrs, and a large number of families.
The ceremony began with a minute of silence in honor of the souls of the martyrs, a military parade by the Raqqa Military Council and speeches were delivered by the Raqqa Civil Council, the Autonomous Administration, the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Future Syria Party, and the Zenobia Women’s Gathering. All of them welcomed the attendees and mentioned the sacrifices of the martyrs for defeating the most powerful types of terrorism. Also, they praised the efforts made to reconstruct the city and transform it from destruction into construction and from darkness into light.
The ceremony was concluded with the awarding of honorary shields for some civil, community and military institutions, and it included entertaining songs and popular dancing that were done by the people to celebrate this occasion.