The Syrian Democratic Council

Raqqa…. “SDC” holds the fourth dialogue seminar in North and East Syria

Today, on Tuesday, the Syrian Democratic Council “SDC” organized a dialogue seminar in the city of Raqqa, with the attendance and participation of more than 100 intellectuals and social and political personages, under the slogan “The Intellectual and the Prospects for a Political Solution in Syria.”

The symposium was divided into two parts. In the first one, it was discussed the developments of the political situation and the Syrian scene during the regional and international developments, while the second part of the symposium was about the role of the Syrian intellectual in resolving the Syrian crisis.

On political developments, the President of the Executive Board of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, spoke about the political movement in the Syrian arena in general and in the Autonomous Administration areas in particular.

Ahmed said that the Syrian situation requires searching for serious solutions due to the worsening the humanitarian situation and the increase in the number of asylum seekers, which constitutes an international pressure at a time when most countries suffer from real crises as a result of the spread of the Corona epidemic.

She continued her talk about the dialogue among the Syrian parties, especially between the central authority in Damascus and the Autonomous Administration in the North and East of the country, noting that what has happened so far cannot be classified as a dialogue or a negotiation because of the same mentality in which the regime deals with the Syrian crisis.
She added that the logic of the “victorious” that Damascus believes it has achieved cannot lead to serious solutions, despite the acknowledgment of the authority in Damascus that it is impossible to return to before.
2011 and also the decentralization is impossible, but there is nothing new about this path.

At a time when the Damascus authorities retreated towards the center, the residents of the regions of northern and eastern Syria chose to defend their areas, defeat the most powerful terrorist organization, and build a participatory project that rejects discrimination among its people, and make the components of the region from Arabs, Kurds, Syriacs, Assyrians and others to belong to a comprehensive Syrian national identity.
On the Turkish threats, she said that the Syrian Democratic Council considers these moves that are serious, explaining the Turkish statements and threats inconsistent with the cease-fire agreements signed with international parties in October 2019 and with international laws on the other hand.
She added that the Syrian Democratic Forces and the components of the region will not allow a repetition of what happened in 2019 during Turkey’s attack on the cities of Ras al-Ain, Sere Kaniyeh, and Tal Abyad, where the region was suffering from the consequences of the defeat of ISIS.
On the other hand, Ahmed said that the active countries in Syria, forefront of which are the United States of America and Russia, do not want further escalation and change in the map of control.
The head of the Executive Body of the SDC also shed light on all political and field developments and presented a comprehensive briefing on the Syrian situation and the perception of the Syrian Democratic Council and its path for resolving the Syrian crisis, as they are the same interests of the Syrian people and their aspirations to establish a modern Syria on the basis of justice, equality and freedom in a country where security and stability prevail according to a democratic and decentralized system.

The second part of the symposium dealt with the role of the intellectual and his perception of resolving the Syrian crisis and how to engage in establishing a society that has suffered from complex crises and lost many of the elements of a healthy society.

This symposium is the fourth seminar held by the “SDC” in cooperation with cultural and social activities in the regions of North and East Syria, where three of them were held in the areas of the Syrian Al-Jazeera “Al-Hasakah, Al-Qamishli, Derek” during the past two months, and other seminars are scheduled to be held in the rest of the Autonomous Administration areas.