The Syrian Democratic Council

The “SDC” representation in Washington organizes a virtual dialogue seminar on the Turkish threats

The representation of the Syrian Democratic Council in America hosted a virtual dialogue seminar (via the Internet) on Friday, November 19, with the participation of politicians, researchers and journalists. They discussed the recent Turkish threats and aggressive actions against the areas of the Autonomous Administration and the various results of these acts.

The seminar was moderated by Tara Copp, Senior Pentagon correspondent at US Department of Defense, with the participation of Blaise Miztal, Vice president of the US National Security Institute, and Amberin Zaman, Senior correspondent at US Al-Monitor.
Sinem Muhammed, representative of SDC in Washington, opened the seminar by thanking the participants, the moderator and the listeners, and shed light on the current situation, as she touched on the continuous Turkish threats, including the shelling by drones and threats of renewed invasion of the Autonomous Administration areas.
She noted that these actions do not help the local and international efforts to combat terrorism, disrupt the fight against ISIS, and add further instability and the suffering of the Syrian people, so finding a solution for the conflict is important.

Journalist Amberin Zaman, who recently returned from a visit to the regions of North and East Syria, spoke about Turkey being in a state of perpetual war with the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, and that the water disruption and the shelling by drones created the constant state of fear experienced by the residents of North and East Syria and do not allow for a stable and healthy environment which people live in.
She also talked about how to fight against ISIS, and said counter-terrorism operations should be in an integrated manner and not neglect the economic aspect to support a stability and create a safe environment.
She mentioned the challenges facing the Autonomous Administration areas about economic and health aspects, as well as the ongoing Turkish threat. She added that the regions of northern and eastern Syria are witnessing a remarkable progress. “Every time I go to the Autonomous Administration areas, I see real progress, where they are already institutionalizing, and just speaking with people who are not loyal to the YPG, they say that they definitely feel safe in that area more than anywhere else in Syria.” She said.

While Blaise Miztal said that Turkey has been waging a war of attrition against the Syrian Democratic Forces for years, which extends across Syria, Turkey and Iraq. He mentioned that the stability of the Syrian region requires economic and political aspects, not just military aspects. He noted that the United States could monitor the airspace to prevent the shelling of its partners and also it could coordinate efforts to prevent a friction on the ground.

The seminar included many different interventions and analyzes to assess the situation in North and East Syria and the policy of the United States of America towards the Syrian situation in general.