The Syrian Democratic Council

A dialogue seminar that brings together “SDC” and a group of intellectuals and writers in Al-Hasakah

Today, the Syrian Democratic Council held a dialogue seminar in the city of Al-Hasakah, northeastern Syria, under the title “The Role of the Intellectual in Protecting Society” in the city’s Reading Garden, to discuss the political and economic challenges that society suffers from and methods to advance the society regarding the political and cultural aspects.

Many writers, artists and intellectuals from the city of Al-Hasakah participated in the symposium. The symposium was divided into two parts. The first part included a discussion of political developments, while the second one dealt with the role of society’s elites for its development and progress.
The first part of the seminar began with a speech by a member of the Presidential Council and the Office of SDC Relations, Thabet Al-Jawhar, in which he shed light on the developments of the political scene and the connection of regional and international changes with the Syrian arena.
Al-Jawhar reiterated the readiness of the Syrian Democratic Council for dialogue and negotiation depending on good basics that lead to solutions that serve the aspirations of the Syrian people, and he added that the vision of SDC is the same vision of all Syrian patriots and the democratic opposition that works for Syria and its people.

While the co-chair of the Organization Office of the Syrian Democratic Council, Abd Al- Qadir Muwahhid, spoke about the reality of the region, the role of elites, the possibility of the practical engagement and methods to support the various sectors of society and to benefit from the energies of intellectuals for improving the society, its progress and achieving the development.

Abd Al- Qader Muwahhid noted that there are many mistakes that happen in the region, and by activating the role of intellectuals, all these mistakes will be reduced.
“All of us should make our people in our society educated, aware and working for what they believe in, and should be ideals for the advanced generations intellectually and morally.” He added.
At the end of the seminar, the discussion was open, and the audience affirmed that the intellectual must be impartial and independent regarding his views, working with what the people believe in, not biased towards certain parties, in order to be more credible, realistic and more representative of the people.
The intellectuals called for activating dialogue among all segments of the people, through the dialogue among them because through dialogue the progress and prosperity are achieved.
At the conclusion of the symposium, the gathered intellectuals pointed to the need to enhance the culture of the region and get benefit from the culture of the West peoples, and to empower the culture of coexistence. They also noted the need for the intellectual’s role to correct some concepts and address negative ideas in society.