The Syrian Democratic Council

The new US deputy envoy visits the “SDC” representation in Washington D.C on his first visit

On Friday, December 3, the representation of the Syrian Democratic Council in Washington D.C received the new US deputy envoy to Syria, Matthew Pearl, who was recently appointed, accompanied by his predecessor, David Bronstein, and he discussed with the SDC representatives the Syrian file, recent developments and methods to resolve the Syrian crisis.

They were received by the representative of the Syrian Democratic Council in Washington D.C, Sinam Muhammad, and Bassam Ishaq, a member of the Presidential Council of SDC in America.

The new US deputy envoy discussed with “SDC” the developments of the Syrian file and issues of combating terrorism and stabilizing the stability in the regions of North and East Syria.

In addition, the “SDC” representative, Sinam Muhammad, spoke about the Turkish threats and their obstruction of efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis through its continued occupation of large parts of northern Syria and its support for radical extremist groups.

The meeting members discussed the economic situation in the region and efforts that are done in Washington to achieve an economic development and stability in the areas liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF, and the international coalition from ISIS.
This visit is considered the first one for the new US Deputy Envoy, Matthew Pearl, at the beginning of his work within the US State Department team on the Syrian file, after his predecessor, David Bronstein, who had assumed his duties in November 2020.