The Syrian Democratic Council

“There will not be any negotiation to give up on any area, but we seek a comprehensive political solution”, SDC said.

The Vice President of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ali Rahmon, said during the dialogue seminar held by “SDC” in the city of Manbij, East of Aleppo, that there will not be any negotiation with the central authority in Damascus in order to give up on the areas or a solution in the form of reconciliations that experience has proven to fail in the rest of the Syrian regions.

Today, on Saturday, December 4, the Syrian Democratic Council held the fifth seminar in a series of seminars that are held in the regions of North and East of Syria, with the participation of a group of intellectuals, writers, politicians and dignitaries of the region.

The first part of the seminar dealt with the developments of the political situation, in which the Vice President of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ali Rahmon, spoke with Manbij intellectuals about the SDC’s vision for a political solution in Syria, which is based on Resolution 2254 and with the participation of all Syrians.

Rahmon denied rumors about withdrawing from some Syrian areas in favor of the central authority in Damascus, noting that “there is not any negotiation or dialogue with Damascus without international guarantees and in accordance with Resolution 2254.”

“The SDC does not succumb to the dictates of international bodies, but rather works according to national principles that preserve the interests of the Syrian people and reach consensus for a comprehensive solution in the country.” he added.

Rahmon spoke about the positive efforts of the Syrian Democratic Council to resolve the Syrian crisis and the diplomatic moves that have made in the international capitals to bring back the Syrian file and the cause of its people to the fore and make it a priority to end the Syrian crisis and find a comprehensive solution that achieves the aspirations of the Syrian people.

“We try to have an effective political body in which all Syrians participate in, to end monopoly and discrimination and does not depend on countries obstructing the Syrian-Syrian solution,” he added.

Regarding the uniting of the democratic opposition, “We meet with the spectra of the democratic opposition, and we have taken advanced steps in this path in order to establish national consensus for a comprehensive solution.” Rahmon said.
A member of the Presidential Council of the SDC, Thabet Al-Johar, indicated that they are as members of the Syrian Democratic Council seek through holding and organizing these seminars, to listen and see the opinions of all segments and groups of society in order to come up with visions and suggestions that serve the public interest.

The Syrian Democratic Council held four previous seminars in Al-Hasakah, Al-Qamishli, Derek and Raqqa in addition to today’s seminar in Manbij, it is scheduled to organize similar seminars in all regions of North and East of Syria.