The Syrian Democratic Council

Syrian tribes and clans agree on “national principles” and call on the “SDC” to represent them

Syrian tribes and clans from inside Syria and Raqqa have agreed on a set of national principles to frame their work and efforts, as well as they called on the Syrian Democratic Council to represent them in forums and meetings concerned with the Syrian issue, whether inside or outside the country.

At an official invitation of the sheikh of the Bani Khalid tribe, Sheikh Hussein Al-Najib, a clan forum was held in the village of Al-Khalidiya in the western countryside of the city of Raqqa, which included the clans of (Al-Afadla, Al-Na’im, Al-Waldah, Shammar, Anza, Al-Daleem, Al-Mawali, Council of Palmyra, Badia and Al-Hadeedin tribes, Al-Amour tribe, Al-Akidat, Al-Turki clan and Al-Fawara clan) as well as it was attended by delegations from the SDC, SDF, and clans of North and East of Syria.

The forum was opened with an opening speech by Sheikh Hussein Al-Najeeb, the sheikh of the Bani Khalid clan in which he welcomed all the attendees, the military and political leaders, and the Arab clans and tribes.
A member of the Presidential Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, Thabet Al-Johar, made a speech in which he thanked the tribes and clans organizing this forum and spoke about the vision of SDC and its political project.
Al-Johar referred to the challenges facing the region and the Syrian Democratic Council project, pointing out that the SDC project is comprehensive and works for the entire Syrian regions and their components and is not limited to northern and eastern Syria, and what has been achieved so far by dint of the sacrifices of the sons and daughters of the Syrian Democratic Forces is a real gain for the Syrian people in general.
The Syrian tribes and clans attributed the reasons for the failure of the settlement paths to the conflicting interests of international and regional powers on the one hand, and the struggle of the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries through its targeting of Syrian areas by drones, and the change of the demographics of the region on the other hand.
The forum’s organizers denounced the role that Russia plays with the authorities in Damascus in order to extend its military control over the Syrian regions and spread militias inside Syria.
He appealed to the sheikhs and dignitaries of the Syrian clans and tribes, the international community, humanitarian organizations and the Arab League ” to end all practices and violations, end all forms of occupation, and implement United Nations resolutions to reach a political solution that secures security and stability for all Syrians.”
The forum was concluded with a final statement expressing the consensus of the tribes and clans inside Syria, northern and eastern Syria, in which it was delivered by Sheikh Ayed Al-Hadi from the Al-Afadila tribe. The statement affirmed “national principles” which are as following:

– The unity of Syria’s land and people.
– Supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces for stability and consolidation of security, and SDF should be an essential part of the desired Syrian army to liberate the occupied Syrian regions.
– Preserving coexistence among the components of the Syrian people through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue.
– The Syrian Democratic Council represents us in all forums.

The Syrian tribes and clans are an important part of the Syrian society. The Syrian Democratic Council attached great importance to their role in maintaining the Syrian unity and societal peace, as their sons within the ranks of the SDF contributed to liberate the Syrian regions from terrorism and protect them against predatory people.