The Syrian Democratic Council

The “SDC” organizes the sixth dialogue seminar in North and East Syria, Kobani

Today, on Tuesday, December 7th, the Syrian Democratic Council held a dialogue seminar in Kobani, under the slogan “The Intellectual and Prospects of the Political Solution in Syria” attended by a large elite of intellectuals, politicians, writers and dignitaries of the region, which dealt with political developments and prospects of the political solution in Syria.
Regarding the political part, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, spoke about the latest political developments, the developments of the crisis in the country, and the role of SDC regarding the path of a political solution.
During her speech to the Kobani intellectuals, Omar referred to the Turkish threats targeting the security and stability of the region, and said that the Turkish efforts were rejected internationally, so Turkey resorted to use its drones to target the region.
“The Turkish threats were used by many parties, including the authority in Damascus, by spreading rumors of handing over the areas.” she continued.

Regarding the foreign visits made by the Syrian Democratic Council, Omar said that “The Russian initiative was to start a dialogue with the authority in Damascus, and it is positive if Russia puts a pressure for a solution in Syria.”
Also “These visits are part of the SDC’s strategy to resolve the Syrian crisis by the Syrian dialogue, in which through it we can solve all unsolved problems.”
The co-chairman also spoke during the seminar about the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, “We are committed to the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue because it serves the stability of the region,” and noted that regional interventions and military escalation by Turkey and others related to the American mediator have prevented the resumption of dialogue so far.
“We stress the need for Syrian-Syrian dialogue, and we are ready for dialogue with the parties that want to end the crisis,” Omar added. That will be done through the meetings held by SDC to unite the opposition and establish a conference of democratic forces and personages, in which the Syrian Democratic Council plays a prominent role.
As for the internal situation, she said that there are great efforts to develop the Autonomous Administration and institutions, support the regions, and enhance the administration’s position inside the region and outside it, and there is “a draft of the social contract that will be presented to the expanded committee soon, and then we will start preparing for the elections.”
Omar noted that the humanitarian issue, combating terrorism, continuous violations, support for the Autonomous Administration, doing projects, excluding the region from Caesar’s sanctions and supporting development projects are important issues and need more than one attempt and meetings to bring views together so that the solution for the Syrian crisis by Syrians.
As for the second part of the seminar, it was presented by Marwa Durai, from the city of Kobani, in which she spoke about the intellectual, his role and his impact on the life and political reality that the audience discussed extensively in.
Within a series of seminars held by the Syrian Democratic Council, the Kobani seminar was as the sixth seminar held by the SDC for Intellectuals to obtain opinions and proposals to be studied later to end the crisis.