The Syrian Democratic Council

“Turkish threats need a regional union and this region is a gateway to protect our regional security ” An Egyptian researcher said.

An Egyptian researcher Walaa Abu state, a journalist and researcher specializing in regional affairs, said that “Turkish threats to the Autonomous Administration areas in northern Syria need a regional union” as Turkey has threatened to launch a military operation on northern Syria since the beginning of this month.

The researcher pointed out that Turkey seeks to dominate and restore the illusions of the old Ottoman glory on multiple territories stretching from Libya to Iraq and, most importantly, Syria. “From this region (northern Syria), the protection of the region and the protection of our regional national security will begin,” she said.
Abu state also explained that Turkey seeks to cause unrest and crises in the countries of the region.
“Turkey intervened in Libya’s affairs and in the Syrian scene since the beginning of its crisis in a negative way by supporting extremism, terrorism, occupation, demographic change and committing crimes that are held accountable by international law. “Turkey has shown all forms of hostility to the region and its occupation efforts have become obvious.” Abu State added.

These statements came during a women’s dialogue seminar held by representatives of political parties belonging to the Syrian Democratic Council on Sunday in the eastern city of Al-Qamishli, which were under the slogan “The outcomes of Turkish threats to occupy Syrian territory”, in the presence of representatives of the Women’s Bureau of the SDC, the Autonomous Administration, political parties, the Center for Women’s Rights and with the participation of political researchers from Egypt and the United States of America.

While the journalist criticized the complacency and silence of the international community towards these Turkish violations against the Syrian people and the people of Afrin, while the researcher Walaa Abu state praised the popular movement, statements and positions issued by several popular and political parties and people at home and abroad, in addition to the diplomatic movement by the SDC and the Autonomous Administration denouncing these threats.

In conclusion, the Egyptian researcher pointed out that Erdogan’s policy aims to emerge from his internal crises of the economy, elections and his declining political shares. “The Turkish regime in most of its movements targets the Kurds in Syria, Iraq and Turkey, as it does not want any strong and real presence of the Kurds within these three territories, forgetting pluralism and the efforts of the Kurds in fighting terrorism and ISIS and their efforts for protecting the region.” She said.