The Syrian Democratic Council

“Syrians are called upon to work together more than ever” The Presidential Council said.

The meeting of the Presidential Council of the Syrian Democratic Council called on Syrians to work to promote rapprochement and adopt national approaches that are in line with the Syrian situation and the dangerous stage during Turkish threats and its occupation of large regions of the country.

That came during the periodic meeting of the Presidential Council, on Monday, June 27th, in the city of Al-Hasakah, in the presence of council members including political components and social events at home and through the zoom application from abroad.

The meeting considered that the unity of the country and its future face serious and real risks following the insistence of the Turkish government to complete its expansionist project at the expense of the Syrians and their territories.

The meeting discussed international and regional developments where regional countries, especially Turkey, sought with all their efforts to exploit the Ukrainian crisis in order to change the geopolitical reality on the ground, occupy more Syrian territories and violate the ceasefire agreements signed in 2019 to impose a new reality.

The meeting pointed out that the insistence of the Damascus government regarding rejecting the political resolution and respecting the will of the Syrians increases the seriousness of the risks of Turkish threats, at a time when it is supposed to unite the opinions of all Syrians, both opposition and loyalists, to prevent the division of the country and the occupation of more territories.

The members of the council stressed the importance of the path of dialogue and negotiation among Syrians to resolve all issues and crises, a path that protects Syrians from the scourge of war and the tragedies of migration and displacement suffered by Syrians over a decade.

The official spokesman of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Aram Hanna, gave a comprehensive briefing during the meeting on the position of their forces regarding the developments on the ground and the violations of ceasefire agreements by Turkey and its mercenaries targeting safe cities and villages.

The official spokesman for the “SDF” stressed the continuation of cooperation among their forces and the forces of the international coalition led by the United States of America and the continuous coordination to maintain the security and stability of the region and to prevent the return of terrorism.

The meeting also considered the applications received to join the Syrian Democratic Council in addition to discussing organizational issues and the activities of the council and its representatives abroad.