The Syrian Democratic Council

250 European and Syrian figures warn the international community and guide public opinion against Turkish ambitions

250 European and Syrian figures warned the international community against dangerous consequences of any Turkish invasion of northern Syria, endangering regional and international security and increasing the risks of global terrorism, as these areas contain more than 27 centers holding ISIS fighters and their families’ camps, thus losing security control over these centers, in addition to the increasing of asylum of new refugees that may exceed hundreds of thousands of displaced people to Western Europe.

That was by a petition signed by these figures, who will be mentioned below, in which they called on the European Commission, the European Parliament, the United Nations and the public opinion to put an end to the escalating Turkish threats against the peaceful civilian population in north and east Syria and to prevent any possible invasion of it that would lead to a catastrophe, human tragedy and ethnic cleansing.

The petition included several demands, which the signatories called for the need to address them urgently, namely:
– Exerting the diplomatic pressure on the Turkish state to prevent a possible invasion, respect the ceasefire agreements concluded in October 2019, and resolve outstanding issues by dialogue.
– Forming an international committee under UN supervision to monitor military movements on the Syrian-Turkish border and prevent clashes between the two parties.
That petition came as a result of the Turkish President’s threats to invade the Autonomous Administration areas with a depth of 30 km, where more than 2.5 million people live within them including different ethnic groups such as Kurds, Arabs, Armenians, Assyrian Turkmen and different religions such as Christians, Yazidis and Muslims, thus achieving the goal of the possible invasion by committing the crime of ethnic cleansing and undermining efforts to combat ISIS.

The signatories are:
The Full Name Country

1-Salah Farho Austria
2- Nourhat Haftaro Syria
3- Boutan Mohammad Austria
4- Yasser Suleyman Germany
5- Sabri Hasan Germany
6- Reybar Battal Germany
7- Ebrahim Ebrahim Mohamed Denmark
8- Thomas Gedig Germany
9- Marina Radosavljevic Germany
10- Lara Farag Germany
11- Faruk Akalan Belgium
12- Khaled Davrisch Germany
13- Jasmin Krieger Germany
14- Mehmet Faruk Celik Germany
15- Sherwan Abdel kadir Germany
16- Susanne Schöffer Germany
17- Waros Cano Austria
18- Shyako Ako Germany
19- Nalin Yalcin Germany
20- Ali Gedik Austria
21- Azad Othman Germany
22- Pehlivan Roj Germany
23- Thomas Schramböck Austria
24- Ridvan durmus Germany
25- Juan Mahmoud Denmark
26- Lorans Cheikh Daoud Germany
27- Dr. Alexander Henrich Germany
28- Ahmed Youssef Denmark
29- Ahmad Hisso Germany
30- Yvonne F.kassowitz-kretzschmar Germany
31- Thomas Movtchaniouk Germany
32- Darag ali ali Syria
33- Jeanette Christensen Denmark
34- Wahid Badki Sweden
35- Dilşêr Avesta Germany
36- Barkal Moustafa Austria
37- Haitham Abbas Germany
38- Talal Balou Denmark
39- M.Sc. Dipl.- Geol. Jörn-Michael Wunderlich Germany
40- Farida Mamoo Denmark
41- Moustafa Habash Germany
42- Gioconda Hajomer Germany
43- Muselmani Nidal Switzerland
44- Ayhan Aba Germany
45- Lukman mohamad Sweden
46- Sherwan Abddulmajid Germany
47- Berxwedan Omer Austria
48- Ahmad Hamdusch Germany
49- Moustapha hajem Belgium
50- The Revolutionary Left Movement in Syria France
51- Rawan Mohammed Netherlands
52- Mohamad Hamdoush Germany
53- Mahmoud Habash Germany
54- Hassan mohamed Ali Belgium
55- Katharina Glück Germany
56- Michael Glück Germany
57- Berivan Issa France
58- Aziza Abdi Germany
59- Sarbast Khalil Luxembourg
60- Ιεμπραχεμ μουσλεμ Greece
61- Salah Mohamad Switzerland
62- Sardar Hewlêrî United Kingdom
63- Metin Incesu Germany
64- Abdulghni mustafa Switzerland
65- Rosda django Netherlands
66- Gulbin Ahmad Germany
67- Dilsher django Germany
68- Sinan Cudi Syria
69- Cüneyt Caniş Sweden
70- Birgit Zwikirsch Germany
71- Mohamed Chikh Mous Germany
72- Lukas Hoffmann Germany
73- Zinar yusuf Germany
74- Brunhilde Witthaut Germany
75- Latifa Mallak Germany
76- Obied Ali Germany
77- Ali uzun Austria
78- Havjin Ahmad Germany
79- Zainab ismail Germany
80- Khadija Barakat Germany
81- Diljin Barakat Germany
82- Adnan Celikaslan Germany
83- Bedri tas Germany
84- Ali Haj Hussein Germany
85- Rasul Hassan Switzerland
86- Seval Gümüs Germany
87- Reik Gefur Norway
88- Abdulhanan mohaamed Belgium
89- M. Ali Bilici Germany
90- Alan Haj Hussein Germany
91- Mustafa Cicek Germany
92- Armin Fahl Germany
93- Dieter Kaltenhäuser Germany
94- Zozan Gül Germany
95- Atousa Moradi Germany
96- Deljan azem Netherlands
97- Elisabeth Kaltenhäuser Germany
98- Amina Ahmad Germany
99- Joudy ali Syria
100- Roshan Muslem Germany
101- Fabian Steck Germany
102- Mohammed Habash Germany
103- Alican basmeydan Switzerland
104- Mehmet Saman Germany
105- Civan Akbulut Germany
106- Yan Schmitt Germany
107- Pia Yılmaz Germany
108- Jenny Warnecke Germany
109- Brigitte Dohmen Germany
110- Jana Al Mohmed Germany
111- Nejdet Er Switzerland
112- Agıt Etdöger Germany
113- Derya Acar Germany
114- Dr. Med. Diraki Juan Germany
115- Sharvan Yousef Germany
116- Bektas Cinkilic Switzerland
117- S. Borgwardt Germany
118- Mûhammed said dreie Uzbekistan
119- Filiz Kalayci Austria
120- Moustafa Alshami Belgium
121- Evin Shikaki Belgium
122- Hekmat Majuno Germany
123- Dilkhwaz Muhammed Abd allah Syria
124- Hozan Toubal Bulgaria
125- Ali önder Cim Switzerland
126- Alex Lepski Germany
127- Chirin Chikosman Germany
128- Mazlum django Netherlands
129- Khaled Ibrahim Sweden
130- Yousef Abdi Germany
131- Berivan Rashid Netherlands
132- Aynur zeid Pasha Syria
133- Daniel kubis Germany
134- Farhad Ahmad Germany
135- Alexander Nover Germany
136- Zouzan Azem Netherlands
137- Khadija Sheikh Othmann Germany
138- Shabo Hadiko Germany
139- Friedrich Dunkel Germany
140- Erdoğan Zamur Switzerland
141- Malva Amin Germany
142- Шиков Шияр Russia
143- Emine Tunc Germany
144- Ina Göken Germany
145- Fabi Bonke Germany
146- Hanna Lamowski Germany
147- Rinas RAMMO Austria
148- Zinar agri Germany
149- Eleni Martsoukou Greece
150- Christian Katz Germany
151- Ayten Metin Germany
152- Maren Sierach Germany
153- Mourad Rojin Germany
154- Joan Hassan Germany
155- Ulrich Horbrügger Germany
156- Seud Abdo Germany
157- Gülistan ates Germany
158- Peter Seidel Germany
159- Martin Halbritter Germany
160- Rodi Begermani Germany
161- Baker Barakat Germany
162- Marlene Neumann Germany
163- Martin Dlugosch Germany
164- Tobias Phillipp Germany
165- Antje Dierks-Schwieder Germany
166- Zeredesht mihemed Germany
167- Frank Maria Christopher Groll Germany
168- Hayrettin Öztekin Switzerland
169- Songul Kocer Switzerland
170- Tina Deck Germany
171- Klara Ozan Germany
172- Maher Mahmud Germany
173- Serhed goren United Kingdom
174- Maximilian Wuttke Germany
175- Azad Dewani United Kingdom
176- Lisa Lochner Germany
177- Lazgen muhamed Germany
178- Carolin Ulrich Germany
179- Azad Nadir United Kingdom
180- Mohemed Meho Belgium
181- Leah-Marie Rupp Germany
182- Marion S. Germany
183- Disli Bayram Germany
184- Fatima alabbasi Germany
185- Jutta Nimmann Germany
186- Christoph Mössinger Germany
187- Peter Förster Germany
188- Seyit Riza Mede Germany
189- Arzu Sorar Germany
190- Lami Özgen Switzerland
191- Corinna Hinz Germany
192- Kamran pasavand Germany
193- Dietmar Neu Germany
194- Christian mina Germany
195- Jörg Martin Germany
196- Deyar Mazoul Germany
197- Juwan Hussein Germany
198- Havan Othman Germany
199- Ulrike Huttanus Germany
200- Redwan Omar Germany
201- Lukas Maria Oßwald Germany
202- Mohamad Sulaiman Denmark
203- Harman Rudi Germany
204- Leon Klenk Germany
205- A an Shwany United States
206- Camare kalile Belgium
207- Theresa Marzinzik Germany
208- Daniela NISCHIK Germany
209- Hendrijk Guzzoni Germany
210- Serdar Erdogan Germany
211- Azad Muhammed Iraq
212- Dieter Bonitz Germany
213- Anna-Lena Gross Germany
214- Werner Altmann Germany
215- Gerd Beyer Germany
216- Jörg Stang Germany
217- Wilfried Meyer Germany
218- Nele Stoeckicht Germany
219- Hakan Türkmen Germany
220- Zülküf Karatekin Austria
221- Tajdin Yilmaz Germany
222- Nursel Aydoğan Germany
223- Mussa mamon Germany
224- Ali Kaya Germany
225- Tribbeck Michaela Germany
226- Taha Al-Hamid Austria
227- Ilse Bender Germany
228- Tonja Zürcher Switzerland
229- Tilman Friedrich-Söhner Germany
230 -Sigrid Masuch Germany
231- Johnny Rumpf Switzerland
232- Irfan Bilgiç Germany
233- İsmail kaya Switzerland
234- Abbas Omar Switzerland
235- Mazlum Kızıldağ Switzerland
236- Midya Othman Germany
237- Mahmud sabri Germany
238- Delsha Osman Netherlands
239- Erik Vranken Belgium
240- Attia Rajab Germany
241- Osman Küçükyıldız Sweden
242- Dr. Rufai Karakaya Germany
243- İstis shukru Germany
244- Hero Cagras Germany
245- Riyad hame Netherlands
246- Hakim toubal Germany
247- Omar nasan Netherlands
248- Maryam Hekmatshoar Germany
249- Dr nehad Mohamed Al Ali Germany
250- Risgar Kasem Germany