The Syrian Democratic Council

The Chairwoman of the SDC Says That It is not Possible to Return to a Centralized Syria

During her participation in the consultative forum in the city of Al-Qamishli, the Co-chairwoman of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), Amina Omar, stated that “It is not possible to return to a centralized Syria”.

Omar added that the central mindset has brought Syria to the devastation that is experienced today, and it is not possible to accept temporary resolutions for the Syrian situation.

She pointed out that the fears and misgivings about the term “decentralization” for Syria, which they claim that decentralization supports separatist tendencies, are not true. Rather, it is mainly about transferring responsibilities from the center of Syria to all Syrian regions.

The Chairwoman of the SDC said that decentralization is an optimal resolution for Syria, and the experience of the Autonomous Administration is a suitable project for the Syrian situation in which powers and authorities are shared through a social contract that guarantees freedom for both sexes and all Syrian components.

The speech of the Chairwoman of the SDC came during her participation today, on Saturday, in the second day of Al-Qamishli Forum, which was called by the Preparatory Committee for the Conference of Figures and Democratic Powers to discuss the political resolution and the concept of national identity and decentralization for Syria.

The Preparatory Committee that was emerged after a series of forums and dialogue workshops inside and outside the country; over the course of two years, three consultative meetings were held in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, in addition to this third forum inside Syria, after the Aleppo Forum, which was held last August, and the Raqqa Forum that was held at the beginning of this month.