The Syrian Democratic Council

An Expanded Meeting of Community Events Was Held in Raqqa

The Syrian Democratic Council held an expanded meeting with a group of political, community and feminist activists on Wednesday, including tribal elders, political party members, intellectuals, representatives of civil society unions, jurists, activists and prominent feminist figures, to discuss the Turkish threats and the impact of the military operation and its possibilities on Syria, in which that was in the meeting hall at the Syrian Democratic Council Center in Raqqa.

The meeting was started with a speech by Ali Rahmon, a member of the Presidential Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, who pointed out that the Turkish threats were not new, but they have been since 2016 when they were carried out in northern Syria, and Turkey continues its operations until now, and that the Istanbul terrorist explosion is a pretext to attack these areas.

Rahmon pointed out that Turkey is thus trying to hide its internal crises and make them abroad by launching military operations during its lack of success in uniting the factions it follows in Sary kaniyeh (Ras Al-Ain), Azaz and Idlib, and these operations are as a complement to its expansionist approach on Syrian territory, causing demographic change, supporting terrorism, creating chaos and destabilizing international security and stability.

For her part, Amal Dada, the Chairwoman of the Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, spoke about Turkey’s targeting of northern Syria and Iraq, especially after the continued international and regional contacts in the region, and this will give the chance for new changes that raise questions by the audience about the scenarios that the region will witness.

For their part, the attendees participated in the discussions, consoling the families of the martyrs, wishing a speedy recovery for the wounded, pointing to the need to consolidate ranks, national unity, strengthen the Home Front, calling for more popular and mass action against these attacks, imposing an air embargo, and denouncing the flagrant violation on Syrian territory by a neighboring country.

While a number of Jurists touched upon the need to file lawsuits against Turkey in front of all international forums and world courts, as it is contrary to international charters and laws and the UN Charter, and that everyone should bear responsibility for preserving the homeland from aggressors and the need to secure its economy and stability and increase awareness and a sense of national belonging.

In conclusion, the attendees presented a lot of proposals that will be studied and worked on in the coming days and come up with a final statement that includes the position of these political, community and feminist events.

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