The Syrian Democratic Council

The Parties and Dignitaries of Aleppo Reject the Turkish Aggression on Syrian Territory

Political parties, dignitaries and notables of Al- Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo city expressed their rejection of the aggression of the Turkish occupation state on the regions of northeastern Syria through a statement was delivered today, in front of the headquarters of the Future Syria Party.

“The vicious genocidal war waged by the Turkish occupation state on Syrian territory, targeting civilians, infrastructure and food sources in northeastern Syria, is a war of abolition and destruction of the will and freedom of peoples to live and self-determination,” the statement said.

The statement pointed out that the content of this war is the liberation and release of ISIS and Takfiri entities in the region, and paves the way for the annexation and occupation of more territories, and it is because of the crisis and internal discontent in Turkey due to the policies of the regime and its arbitrary and exploitative administration of power.

Regarding the position of the international community, the statement pointed out that the international silence and the Security Council, the indifference of the guarantor powers and parties about this war and the obvious violations of international, criminal and humanitarian laws, and it is another war being waged on the peoples of the region in northeastern Syria.

The statement deplored the aggression and excessive violence of the Turkish occupation state, and also condemned the occupier’s tendency uproot the people from their home and distort their Syrian identity through its occupation of their territory and imposing its colonial and demographic dominance in the region.

The statement called on the Syrian government, the guarantor parties, political bodies and powers, the international community and the channels of world and international public opinion to fulfill their duty and shoulder their legal and humanitarian responsibilities emanating from international norms, treaties, charters, and human rights, and maintain and strengthen security and stability in the region.

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