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Arab and international Figures Send a Memorandum of Petition

Under the title “Stop the Turkish Regime Bombing Northern Syria and Iraq”, a number of Arab and international figures who have influence in the Arab and international worlds sent a memorandum of petition in which they addressed the countries of the world and their parliaments, the European Union, the United Nations, human rights organizations, as well as the league of Arab states and the parliaments of all Arab and Islamic countries and their governments.

That was because of the Turkish regime has been trying for a while in all sorts of ways to find an excuse to attack Iraq and northern Syria, and thus, according to the memorandum, “trying by this way, on the one hand, to hide Turkey’s internal problems and its inability or weak administration to neighboring countries, and on the other hand, to achieve its expansionist dreams of the neo-Ottoman Erdogan Empire.”

The memorandum pointed to the clarity of Turkish intentions in which it was stated that “it is obvious this time that Turkey’s military intentions have become clear and within reach, so that prompted the US government on November 18th, 2022 to address its citizens and warn them not to travel to Syria and Iraq for fear of an imminent Turkish attack on the two countries.”

In response to these sudden warnings, the signatories of the memorandum expressed their regret for this situation, as it was stated: “These statements and sudden warnings of the US government express its weakness in preventing Turkey from attacking and violating the sovereignty of two states, which prompted it to address its citizens and warn them, unfortunately, that America did not think in any way about the Iraqi and Syrian peoples including Arabs, Kurds, minorities, followers of religions including Christians, Yazidis and others.”

The memorandum also addressed the human and material losses caused by the Turkish aggression in which “today, on November 20th, 2022, Erdogan carried out his threats and bombed areas in northern Syria and northern Iraq, which led to dozens of victims including martyrs and wounded and the destruction of infrastructure, even the bombing was throughout the Corona pandemic treatment hospital as well as some other places”.

The memorandum was concluded by identifying the signatories, whose names and attributes will be mentioned successively, and its purpose will be explained, as it was stated: “We as members of the Arab-Kurdish dialogue committee consisting of a group of Arab and Kurdish intellectuals, academics, activists, jurists and civil society organizations, the signatories below, send this memorandum of petition and call on you to have a humanitarian position in accordance with international laws defending the rights of peoples and the sovereignty of states, and we call on you to stop the attack, invasion and bombing that are carried out by the Turkish army against the neighboring states of Syria and Iraq, and a no-fly zone should be established over them to protect the residents of the area from murder and destruction”.

1-Mohsen Awadallah (journalist and writer in Egypt)
2-Raeda Hussein Mohammed Al-dhabhani (doctor of international and humanitarian law in Yemen)
3-consultant Dr. Alaa Salama in Egypt
4-Rami AbdulRahman (director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in the UK)
5-Hany Milad Hanna (Egyptian citizen and consulting engineer in Egypt)
6-Mahmoud Hussein Ahmed (the manager of Saud Zayed Center for research studies in Egypt)
7- General Jamil Al-Maamari (analyst and military and strategic expert in Yemen)
8-Rami Zahdi (writer and political analyst in Egypt)
9-Shukri Sheikhani (the head of the Syrian Reform Movement in Syria)
10-Ali Abu Al-Khair (writer in Egypt)
11-Abdul Karim al-Ansi (executive director of Yemen First Organization, Secretary General of the National Anti-Drug Foundation in Yemen)
12-Dr. Ahmed Abdel Khalek El Shenawy (expert in water in Egypt)
13-Heba Mohammed (media reporter in Egypt)
14-Walid Al-Ramali (writer and journalist in Egypt)
15 – Dr. Abdul Sattar Al-Shumairi (the head of the Efforts Center for studies in Yemen)
16-Ali Ragab (journalist in Egypt)
17- Dr. Ahmed Issa (professor of Strategic Management in Egypt)
18-Rasha Mounir (journalist in Egypt)
19-Elham Al-Melegy ( journalist and media writer in Egypt)
20-Dr. Samah Abdel Moneim from Egypt
21-Ibrahim Kaban (manager of geostrategic studies network in Germany)
22-Mahmoud Mohammed (political activist in Kurdistan region of Iraq)
23. Reber Habon (writer and poet in Germany)
24-Azad Khalil (political activist in Germany)
25-Ahmed Al-Muraikhi (writer in Egypt)
26-Osama sharsher (editor-in-chief of the Egyptian newspaper Al-Nahar and a member of the Egyptian House of Representatives in Egypt)
27-Essam Ismail (journalist in Egypt)
28-Mounir Adeeb (researcher regarding the affairs of extremist movements and international terrorism in Egypt)
29-Dr. Ahmed Ragab from Egypt
30-Ali Al-Amin (journalist in Lebanon)
31-Mr. Abdel Fattah (the chairman of the Cairo Institute for Kurdish Studies in Egypt)
32- Dr. Akram Hussam Farahat (Professor of international relations in Egypt)
33-Ahmed Al-Ameed (war correspondent and trainer of war journalism and risk management in Egypt)
34-Ramzi Al-Rumaih Al-Sharif Al-Idrisi (Advisor of the Libyan Organization for National Security Studies in Libya)
35-Atef El-maghawry (member of the Egyptian House of Representatives in Egypt)
36-Rajai Fayed (director of the Kurdish Center for studies in Egypt)
37-Abdelbaki Muhammed (the chairman of the people’s movement in Chad)
38-Randa Refaat (journalist in Egypt)
39-Fatima Badawi (writer specializing in international affairs in Egypt)
40- Dr. Mokhtar Ghobashi (Secretary General of the Farabi Center for Political Studies in Egypt)
41-Amina Abdullah (poet in Egypt)
42-Qassim al-Khatib (Syrian opposition and politician in Germany)
43- Dr. Suheir Salti Al-Tal from Jordan
44-Dr. Maryam Abu daqah from Palestine
45-Ahmed Sultan (researcher of Islamic movements and terrorism in Egypt)
46-Mahmoud al-nawaisa (political activist in Jordan)
48- Mark Magdy (journalist in Egypt)
49-Islam Deif (journalist and media reporter in Egypt)
50-Dr. Ali Thabet (academic in Egypt)
51-Mahmoud Mohammed (political activist in Kurdistan region of Iraq)
52-Dr. Azad Khalil (political activist in Germany)
53-Geostrategic Organization of Kurdish civil Society in Europe.
54-Kadar Pierry (Director of the Foundation Kurds without Borders in France)
55-Osman Baraka (writer and political analyst in Libya)
56-Fatima Jamal Mohammed Hassan (engineer in Egypt)
57-Yasser qul Agassi (Kurdish engineer)
58-Hamed al-Kurdi (Sheikh and religious scholar in Egypt)
59-Fathi Mahmoud (Director of ATON Center for studies in Egypt)
60-Dr. Mustafa al-Zawati (media reporter in Palestine)
61-Samer Shahin (correspondent and journalist of the North Press Agency)
62-Hussein Al-Suwaidi (writer and researcher in Libya)
63-Walaa Abu step (journalist and media reporter in Egypt)
64-Professor Dr. Ali al-Suwairiki (writer and historian in Jordan(
65-Hassan Al-Ibrahimi (poet in Morocco)
66- Dr. Mahmoud Zayed (Egyptian academic)
67-Ahmed Bahaa El Din Shaaban (Secretary General of the Egyptian Socialist Party in Egypt)
68-Dr. Mona Fayyad (political researcher and academic)
69-karukh Hassan (journalist in Iraq)
70-Akef al-Masri (Commissioner General of the Palestinian tribes in Palestine)
71-Ali Ahmed badarkhan (film director in Egypt)
72- Karim Salman (civil activist in Belgium)
73-Ali Salem Sayed Ahmed Hammadi (political activist in Western Sahara)
74-Mohammed El ghazzad (political activist in Western Sahara)
75-Asaad Jaber (University professor)
76- Nozad Bakr (engineer in Netherlands)
77-Talib Ibrahim (Writer in Netherlands)
78- Dayfi Kaman (the organization of the Independent Syria Party in Europe)
79-Hafez Faraj (political activist in Germany)
80-Mohammed Ibrahim (Jurist in Germany)
81- Dilber Hassou (political activist in Switzerland)
82 – Saber Hami (political activist in Germany)
83- Mustafa Khaled (political activist in Germany)
84-Sirwan Mahmoud (writer and activist in Netherlands)
85-Prof. Dr. Jalal al-Zubaidi (jurist and University professor, former dean of the Faculty of Law in Greece)
86-Dia Al-Shukraji (researcher and writer in Germany)
87-Saleh Naim al-Rubaie (Secretary General of the Iraqi National Green Party)
88- Meken Adam (activist in the USA)
89-Sherwan Mirza Qadir (former member of the Parliament of Iraq in Iraq)
90-Mariana Massoud Dawood (university student in America)
91-Massoud Daoud (philosophy activist in the USA)
92-Fathi Ibrahim (lawyer in Netherlands)
93-Jamila Al-shukairi (poet and civil activist in Netherlands)
94-Firas Qassas (opposition activist in Syria)
95-Hamza shaati (opposition activist in Syria)
96-Saad al-Ahmad (civil activist in Syria)
97-Mohammed Ali al-Asaad (academic in Syria)
98-Rasel Jazayeri (feminist activist in Syria)
99-Suha Hassan (poet in Syria)
100-Ammar Al-Sheikh Ali (Jurist in Syria)
101-Aari Kakai (journalist and media reporter in Sweden)
102-Alaa Abdul Hussein Khudair (governmental employee in Iraq)
103-Abbas Fadel Naim (lawyer in Iraq)
104-Haider Naim Majali (businessman in Iraq)
105-Saleem Naim al-Rubaie (civil activist in Iraq)
106-Hudaifa Saad Al-Atabi (lawyer in Iraq)
107-Dr. khushnav Al-Qadi is a specialist in psychiatric diseases in Britain
108- Fawaz Kanou (political activist in Netherlands)
109- Dr. Saad Ismail (specialist doctor in Netherlands)
110- Dr. Salim George (academician in Netherlands)
111-Alaa Mahdi (civil activist in Sydney, Australia)
112-Niya Raouf Amin (consultant in a private company in Netherlands)
113-Rawshen Muslim (political activist in Iraq)
114-Mustafa Abdi (activist and media reporter)
115-Ibrahim Ibrahim (journalist and member of the Danish journalist’s syndicate)
116- Hussam Mazhar (translator in Netherlands)
117-Dr. Adnan Mohammed Ali Mohsen (specialist doctor in London (
118-Abdul Hamid Zebari (journalist in Kurdistan region)
119-Diyar Masum Al-Barwari (lawyer in Kurdistan region)
120-Joseph Musa Eliya (writer and poet in Syria)
121-Jamal Al-Mubarak (civil activist in Netherlands)
122-Jiyan Sindi (teacher in Kurdistan region)
123- Hassan El-Kabi (political activist in Tunisia)
124 -Dr. Ahmed Al-Sheikh Ahmed Rabiya (academician and activist in Netherlands)
125- Ghada Ajram (poet and feminist activist in Syria)
126 -Daoud Sanju (political activist in French Kurdish Friendship Association in Lyon France)
127- Qader Pireh (politician in Paris)
128-Dr. Akil al-Nasiri (academician researcher in Sweden)
129- Ahmed Rajab (old Peshmerga in Sweden)
130- Salah Dawood (activist consulting engineer in Iraq)
131- Ahmed Sheikho (writer and political researcher in Syria)
132-khonjah Ahmed Rafiq (academician and legal activist in London)
133- Nidaa Al-Jawari (retired in Iraq)
134 -Kurdistan Ali bamrni (engineer in Germany)
135-Kareem Mohsen Mohammed Hassan (member of the Political Bureau of the Social Democratic Party (
136- Adib Jammo (political activist in France)
137- Hussein Ali Ibrahim (political activist in France)
138- Salar Sheikhani (political activist in France)
139- Khosrow Akri (writer and jurist in the Netherlands)
140- Radad Al-qalab (writer and journalist in Jordan)
141-Maysoon Kareem (civil activist in America)
142- Rehab Razzouk (human rights activist in the USA)
143- Hassoun zenganeh (agricultural engineer in Sweden)
144- Shurooq Tawfiq Abdul Hamid (civil activist in Iraq (
145-Mahmoud Othman (critic and civil activist in the Netherlands)
146-Malik Hassan Ali (human rights activist in Sweden)
147- Shamal Adel Saleem (former political prisoner in Kurdistan region of Iraq)
148 -Nabil Tumi (artist and human rights activist in Sweden)
149- Nahla Shaaya (feminist activist in Sweden)
150- Zeinab Muslim (civil activist in Sweden)
151 -Jan Habashi (feminist activist in Sweden)
152-Kamel Jalal Jamil (political activist in Kirkuk, Iraq (
153- Lisa Youhnan (civil activist in Sweden)
154 -Falah Salah Abdullah (political activist in Kirkuk, Iraq (
155- Alan Yohnan (civil activist in Sweden)
156- Salam Tommy (businessman in Sweden)
157 -Hamid Khalaf (the Chairman of the organization of the Kurdish Progressive Party in France)
158- Sabah Al-kalmashi (civil activist in Sweden)
159 -Mary Hanna (civil activist in Sweden)
160- Elena Tomei (civil activist in Sweden)
161- Sarbest Bamerni (Media Reporter in Germany)
162- Martin Andriya (civil activist in Sweden)
163- Basil Tommy (businessman in Sweden)
164 – Viyan Abdulaziz (doctor in Iraq)
165- Jinan Al-Atari (civil activist in Sweden)
166 -Thierry Lamberhood (civil political activist and jurist of Friends of the Kurds Organization in France)
167-Hatem Ibrahim (engineer in Kurdistan region of Iraq)
168- Hadar Shaaya (civil activist in Sweden)
169 -Bassem al-Zahawi (engineer and civil activist in the Netherlands)
170 -Lina Yohnan (feminist activist in Sweden)
171- Siham Tommy (civil activist in Sweden)
172 – Nihad Al-Kadi (human rights activist in the Netherlands)

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