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A dialogue forum bringing together hundreds of women from Northern and Eastern Syria in al-Tabqqa

On Saturday, July 14, a dialogue forum for al- Furat Women was held at the cultural center of the city of al-Raqqa under the slogan “Women in the Time of Siege, Reality and Prospects” to highlight the reality of women in North and East of Syria.
 The forum was attended by many women’s political, administrative and social organizations in North and East Syria to discuss the situation of women and their sufferings during the war.
The Women’s Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, representatives of women of Shankal , the activist Fadhel Took who is one of the women on hunger strike, and hundreds of women from Al-Raqqa, al-Tabqqa and Deir Al-Zour participated in the Forum.
the participants focused on two basic axises. The first of which included sufferings of al-Furat women before and after liberation from ISIS authority, as well as moral and physical violations suffered by women during the regime’s control of North and East of Syria.
While the second axis dealt with heroic resistance shown by women in the region and they stressed the need for self-defense.
The forum included a show (video) in which the violations of women in previous periods before liberation and bad practices committed by ISIS against women have been shown.
The discussion also included an intervention by Zubayya Al-Nasser, the member of the Women’s Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, in which she talked about the most difficult problems faced by women in social, economic, educational and health life and the prominent role taken by Women’s Councils to solve all problems of women and re-activate their role in life.
Al-Nasser also noted that women’s participation in the revolution in Northern and Eastern Syria was the main reason for the success of this revolution because women through their awareness proved their ability to rewrite history with will and free speech.
The Council concluded its first day with presentation of several artistic and heritage items in Ja’bar Citadel presented by members of Women’s Department in Al-Raqqa, followed by introduction of musical pieces by Al-Raqqa Heritage Group.
It is worth mentioning that the dialogue forum will last for two days and is scheduled to include another axis about “Women’s Resistance and the Need for Self-Defense”

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
July 14, 2019

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