The Syrian Democratic Council

Refusing theTurkish Threats, Residents of Northern and Eastern Syria are Demonstrating in Kobany

On July 22, thousands of residents of North and East of Syria took part in a mass demonstration in rejection of Turkish threats to their regions and its occupation of Syrian territory.
Residents of cities and villages in Northern and Eastern Syria gathered near an International Coalition base in Kharab Ashak/ rural Kubani, where residents of Raqqa, Kubani, Tal Abyad, Ein Isa, Deir al-Zour, Manbaj and Tabqqa. As well as elders and dignitaries of the clans in the region , a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council and Autonomous Administration were among the demonstrators.
During the demonstration, several speeches were made in which the demonstrators demanded the international community to shoulder its responsibilities towards the region that has sacrificed thousands of martyrs in order to eliminate terrorism. The words also praised the role of all components and their solidarity in order to maintain peace and security

In turn, the Co-Chair of the Executive Council of the North and East of Syria, Berivan Khalid, stressed that the Turkish policies and its regional interventions, especially its support for terrorism in Syria and Libya, harm the whole region. Therefore, the countries and organizations concerned should stop the Turkish expansion, its interference in the affairs of states and its provocation of sedition among the components of the
These demonstrations are part of a series of activities taking place in Northern and Eastern Syria in light of increasing military mobilization of the Turkish state on Syrian border and its threat to invade the safe areas.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
July 23, 2019

bhzad jan