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Women of Raqqa Recall the Massacres of Shankal and Raise the curtain from the Monument of “Resistant Women”

Hundreds of women from the city of Raqqa with all its civil and military institutions participated in the activity held at the municipal stadium in the center of the city to denounce the horrific massacre committed by ISIS against the people of Shankal in addition to unveiling the curtain from the monument of the “Resistant Women” in Northern and Eastern Syria.

Hundreds of women from the city of Raqqa, members of institutions, women’s committees, Women Protection Units, members of political parties and the Woman Office of the Syria Democratic Council joined the event.

The event started with a minute of silence followed by several speeches by women’s administrations and institutions in the city of Raqqa and a speech by the Women Office of the Syrian Democratic Council, where the words condemned the massacres committed by ISIS against Yazidis in Shankal, the international silence towards them and the horrific violations against women and children.
The words praised the role of People Protection Units and Women Protection Units in liberating the region from ISIS, making women get rid of injustice and tyranny and re-establishing life for the residents of the city of Raqqa.

In her turn, the administrator of the Women Office of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Omar, gave a speech condemning the international silence towards the genocide and massacres that took place against Yezidi people in Shankal five years ago.
Omar continued saying: ” The same hands that committed the massacres in Shangal are the same which are committing crimes such as displacement, murder and torture in Afrin. We in the Women Office of the Syrian Democratic Council condemn this terrible massacre and promise to continue struggle to free all Syrian women and set free the kidnapped and the arrested ones.
The women then marched on foot from the stadium to Naeem Roundabout, chanting slogans that glorified and saluted women.The march ended with a statement to public opinion by the administrator of Women Councils in Raqqa Zlikha Abdi, asking the international community to shoulder historical and moral responsibility to stop the recurrence of similar massacres against humanity and women.
Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
August 4, 2019

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