The Syrian Democratic Council

Statement to the Public Opinion

On this day of the year 2018, the Turkish occupation forces heavily armed with all types of heavy weapons and with the participation of the factions of the so-called Free Army, began their barbaric aggression on the city of Afrin, which led to martyrdom of hundreds , displacement of tens of thousands, pursuit of the scorched earth policy through land and air strikes that followed by demographic change operations, systematic forced displacement, plundering and theft by mercenaries affiliated to Turkish state.
From the start, Turkey was a key regional player with its goals and eternal dream, as the Justice and Development Government seeks to restore the glories of the Ottoman Sultanate and will do anything to achieve this dream. This was evident from the beginning of the Syrian crisis that entered its ninth year.
The Turkish ambitions in the Syrian lands are clear despite the persistent attempts of its politicians to show sympathy and claim to weave relations on the basis of good neighborhood, but the detours that swept the political life in the country were sufficient to show those Turkish ambitions. Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis that started in 2011, the affairs appeared to be so indisputably, regarding Turkish colonial intentions and nostalgia for the Ottoman history by occupying Jarablus, Al-Bab, Azaz and their hidden hatred towards the peoples of the region under the pretext of preserving the borders, forgetting that their country is a source of terrorism and a center for terrorists from all over the world and has become a safe passage for crossing terrorist organizations to Syria.
Afrin was one of the most secure areas of Syria, where it received many displaced people from different Syrian regions, but after the Turkish attack, Afrin became one of the most regions that witnessed violence, clashes, looting, vandalism, destruction and demographic change, where thousands of different areas in Syria are being displaced, especially from Idlib and resettling IDPs in Afrin under great international silence.
We in Syrian Democratic Council at a time we remember this tragic disaster with great sadness against our people in Afrin, we appeal to the international community, the Security Council, the Human Rights Organization, the countries of the Alliance and the Russian Federation to end the Turkish occupation of Afrin and returning of its forcibly displaced people to their homes, as we address our people in Syria to join together and stand up hand in hand by declaring of a comprehensive liberation war for the occupied lands by Turkey, foremost of which, Afrin. We pledge to our people in Afrin that we are continuing the political struggle in all international forums, supporting our heroic forces to liberate Afrin, which will remain one of our priorities in any political solution to the Syrian crisis in the next phase.

Mercy for the Martyrs Long Live the Resistance of Afrin

The Syrian Democratic Council

bhzad jan