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A symposium in Aleppo on the Occasion of the Second Anniversary of Turkey’s Aggression Against Afrin

Under the slogan “Afrin, the Gateway to Solution and Peace in Syria,” the Organization Office in the Syrian Democratic Council held a dialogue seminar on the occasion of the second anniversary of starting the Turkish aggression against Afrin region, in the presence of political, academic and social figures in the city of Aleppo.
With more than 100 attendees, from political organizations and formations, clan elders, academics, women’s activities, and other societal and cultural personalities.

The symposium started with a welcoming speech from the member of the Presidency Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, Marae Al-Shibli, where he produced a definition of the axis and program of the symposium. Then, the member of the Presidency Council , Fahima Hamo, spoke about the Syrian crisis, its repercussions, regional and international interventions to international paths and decisions aimed at resolving the Syrian crisis.
Hamo discussed in detail the files of the Syrian dilemma, the sufferings of its people over the years of the crisis, how the Turkish intervention has deepened the sufferings of the Syrians and how it employed the refugee issue according to its interests and blackmailing Europe.
On the other hand, Hamo talked about the solidarity of the components of north and east Syria and building a multi-model embodying the diversity of Syrian situation in a democratic project that preserved civil peace and promoted coexistence among the people of the region.
As a result of the advanced status of the Self-Administration project and because it was taking serious and consistent steps to solve the Syrian crisis, the Turkish state did not like that, and on January 20, 2018, it launched a brutal aggression accompanied by mercenaries against the Syrian area of ​​Afrin, occupying it and committing the most horrific violations against its residents, Hamo said.
She also said that Turkey’s Erdogan project goes beyond the region and his ambitions are to revive the dreams of the Ottoman Sultanate at the expense of the peoples and geography of the region, noting that Turkish interventions undermine peace and security, threaten other conflicts that require international intervention to prevent and end its occupation of Syrian lands.
The symposium also dealt with the efforts made by the Syrian Democratic Council to build national consensus that lead to national path away from external interventions and dictations in order to resolve the Syrian crisis through internal dialogue.
At the end of the symposium, the participants were allowed to express their opinions , which mostly affirmed that Afrin and the rest of the occupied regions are Syrian lands and will remain Syrian and that Turkish occupation is a brutal aggression. We must join hands until liberating all occupied Syrian lands and work together to resolve the stormy crisis in the country for nine years .

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
January 24, 2020

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