The Syrian Democratic Council

The Women’s Office Holds a Workshop on Humanitarian Organizations and The Absence of Their Role in Occupied Afrin

The Women’s Office of the Syrian Democratic Council held a dialogue workshop entitled: “The absence of the role of humanitarian organizations in occupation of Afrin” in Fafin district, Al-Shahba area.
The workshop was attended by women’s institutions and activities in Afrin and Al-Shahba, as well as Afrin women who had a bitter experience as a result of occupation of their region by Turkish state and its mercenaries.
The workshop consisted of three axes, where the first axis included international silence and humanitarian organizations in the face of the violations committed by Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries, which are still continuing against people of Afrin.
These axes also included the issue of women and their suffering during Syrian crisis, searching for reasons to put forward positive solutions to that suffering, looking at them in a comprehensive national framework and building towards ending the crisis in addition to the suffering that women had been subjected to in Afrin, which was more severe than all Syrian women, as they were exposed to all forms of violence.
Zainab Qanbar, the administrator in the women’s office, talked about woman’s role in Afrin during Turkish occupation in all fields, especially her role in political life. According to Qanbar, this made her targeted by Turkish occupation state and its terrorist factions.
The workshop also included the resistance of the age by Afrin women in their first and second stages, in which they proved their resistance toTurkish occupation and its mercenaries, where Qanbar mentioned the role of women who had a clear imprint in defending the city of Afrin, its people and how this participation strengthened the role of women later in various stages of resistance.
Through interventions, the participants stressed the need to strengthen the role of women in all political, military and administrative fields and to work together in a row until liberating all Syrian lands from all occupations and reaching a pluralistic, democratic and decentralized Syria.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
July 17, 2020