The Syrian Democratic Council

The United Nations Welcomes The SDF Actions To Protect Schools And Children

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, Virgina Gamba, welcomed the military procedures and orders issued by the General Command of our forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces( SDF), on July 13th, which called for protection of educational schools from attacks as well as the prevention of their use for military purposes by all of its formations.

She said that this commitment to protect the civilian nature of schools by SDF is a positive step towards protecting children in Syria and is in line with the message and spirit of Resolution 1998 of 2011 issued by the Security Council.

The Special Representative is trying to encourage all parties to the conflict in Syria to take similar measures to protect schools and education from attacks and prevent the military use of schools.

It is worth noting that SDF evacuated ten schools from military presence in north and east Syria until the end of last April.