The Syrian Democratic Council

The political body in Al-Badia condemns the Turkish threats against Northern Syria

On Saturday, the political body in the Syrian Al-Badia, which is located in Al-Tanaf, and it considers itself as a part of the Syrian opposition powers, issued a statement condemning the Turkish threats to northern and eastern Syria, and the body considered those threats are aimed at several things where “threats target the Syrian sovereignty, change the fabric of Syrian society and cause demographic change in the region, as they affect the region in particular and Syria in general, as well as civil peace and the political resolution in Syria”.

“These threats pose a real threat to the future of the region, regional and international peace and security, and the future of the political resolution in Syria, and they flout the 2019 agreement, displace the safe population in Manbij and Tel Rifaat, and return ISIS terrorism to the region,” the statement said.

On the other hand, the statement addressed the international community. “We call on the Global Coalition, the international community and the United Nations to take a real position because of the Turkish threats, as it makes no sense to provoke a war whose victims are Syrians on both sides, and we do not allow getting any revenge on Syrian territory by using Syrian victims”.

In conclusion, the political body in Al-Badia called on all political and military parties in Turkey and the Syrian Democratic Forces to resolve political differences among themselves by negotiating and the body made all international actors responsible for the consequences of the war in the region.

It is noteworthy that al-Tanaf is a geographical location at the Syrian, Iraqi and Jordanian border triangle in Homs province, and the political body in the Syrian Al-Badia is a Syrian opposition body that works with all Syrian national opposition powers to build a democratic civil Syria, which was formed at the beginning of 2017.

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