The Syrian Democratic Council

The “SDC” meets representatives and dignitaries of the town of Al-Shadadi

On Tuesday, June 21st, The Syrian Democratic Council organized a dialogue seminar in the center of the town of Al-Shadadi, south of Al-Hasakah, to discuss political developments in the presence of representatives of civil and community institutions, tribal elders and notables.

The member of the Presidential Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, Sihanouk Debo, started the seminar by talking about the developments in the world, the Middle East Region and Syria in particular, and the threats and Turkish practices in the North of Syria.
Debo pointed out that the Turkish state has expansionist goals and ambitions in the Syrian territories, and it is trying to revive its imperial glories by seizing the territories of neighboring countries and countries in the region with false arguments and pretexts.

The member of the Presidential Council for the people of the town of Al-Shadadi stressed that the experience of the Autonomous Administration in the regions of northern and eastern Syria and through its representation of the components of the region proved to be the optimal resolution for the Syrian situation, which is to ensure the unity of the Syrian territory and an impervious power against the ambitions of regional countries and their expansionist projects.

“The Turkish threats target not only the Kurds, but the project of the Autonomous Administration with all its components of Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Assyrians and others, and therefore Turkey targets the efforts of the democratic transformation in Syria, so the Turkish model in the occupied Syrian territories, is considered as a dangerous model and threatens peace and security in the region due to the rule of extremism and the spread of terrorist members after the displacement of its indigenous population.” Debo said.

Regarding the path of the “SDC” to resolve the Syrian crisis, Debo pointed out that they are pursuing the dialogue to resolve issues, and in this direction, they have a series of forums inside Syria and workshops abroad with the powers and figures of the Democratic Opposition to build comprehensive national consensus conducive to resolve the crisis and achieve the demands of the Syrian people.
For his part, the leader of Al-Shadadi Military Council, affiliated to the Syrian Democratic Forces, Sayel Al-Zobaa, said that as military forces, they support the peaceful resolution, but when any invasion occurs on the areas of northern and eastern Syria, they will defend with all their powers the territory that has been liberated from ISIS terrorism.
The attendees stressed the need for a peaceful political resolution and the dialogue away from the Syrian bloodshed and the war that has been going on for more than a decade.



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