The Syrian Democratic Council

A women’s rally for the “SDC” with the women of Deir ez-Zor

On Wednesday, June 22nd, according to the developments in the North of Syria, the Syrian Democratic Council held a women’s meeting with a huge crowd of women’s activists, actors, politicians, administrators and intellectuals including women of the city of Deir ez-Zor and its countryside, in the hall of the Legislative Council in the city, east of the country.
The meeting was started with a speech by Ms. Ilham Ahmed, the Chairwoman of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council, during which she spoke about the latest political, International and regional developments and their impact on the Syrian crisis and the region.

“Turkey is taking advantage of international and regional crises and the fragmentation of Syria to increase its occupation zones and achieve its gains at the expense of the Syrian people, as well as Turkey seeks by its threats to send its crises to abroad and gain votes regarding the next elections and impose a new reality” Ahmed pointed out.
“Our diplomatic efforts are continuing, and today we are determined to win the battle” Regarding the efforts and the diplomatic track that the SDC is working on to deter Turkey and repel the aggression, Ahmed explained.

Despite military preparations now are stronger than how were in the regions of northern and eastern Syria in 2018, Ahmed warned the international community of the occurrence of humanitarian disasters that increase the suffering of Syrians, the displacement of millions, the loss of the security in the region and the obstruction of the peaceful political resolution.
At the end of her speech, Mrs. Elham Ahmed addressed the Autonomous Administration project, by saying that “Autonomous Administration has proven its suitability for the Syrian situation because of its pluralism, democracy and decentralization, and not the other way around,”.
“We must all strengthen and develop this administration, which is our strategic goal.” Ilham Ahmed added.

For her part, Fatima Marwan, the Co-chairwoman of the Deir ez-Zor civil council, spoke about the situation of women in Deir ez-Zor and their suffering during the rule of authority in Damascus and during the ISIS period including arbitrariness and violence comparing with their situation today after liberation, as they are able to prove their presence and play their role significantly.
Now, women are existent in all administrations as well as they play an important role in military forces and politics.

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